Monday, June 8, 2009

Paint With the Heart

I ventured with Siti Ruzaimah for her recent photography project. This was the 1st venture, and gonna be more coming up after this. Siti had professionally captured me at work while I was in my own world; painting the kids with their selected design. Some of the kids came out with their own idea. Brilliant! That's why I said, I paint it with the heart... and as the result, the kids & the parents would give us the priceless smile.
Pasangan adik beradik Tia and Qia
teka which one adik and which one kakak...

For all parents out there, I am putting this piece art works of mine on service for all types of your events; from birthday party, outing with family, a bunch of friend & teenagers party & outing, to an outdoor/studio wedding event. You may contact me at or Siti at for consultation if you would like to have this service when Siti provide you her professional photographyservice for your party/events... Stay tune and you would see more art works published here.

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