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About SekociNorlie

As you may have gathered, I love to felt, sew, paint and maybe knitting etc…(so many yah?) . In fact, I like to try out any new crafty or creative thing I come across, so this blog may detail other things from time to time. This site is all about sharing my hobby, my life and my bad writing…hahahhha… yes I’m bad in writing!!

*Photo credit to KC and Taty Salina, Pro-folio edited by Najmiyah

1.       What is (name of company)?
SekociNorlie Recourses (SA0148899-W)
Paint and Craft with Heart

“Sekoci” is the Malay word for bobbin, and Norlie is what I am always known of. Why I choose bobbin? Apart for sounding ‘cute’, “sekoci” also symbolizes my passion in sewing. Bobbin is an integral part of a sewing machine, and as much as the machines couldn’t live without the bobbin, I believe I have the same amount of passion in sewing too.
My full name is Norliza Samingon, a 31 years old working mothers with 2 lovely kids, Ridwana Rif’iah Rafiq (6) and Muhammad Rizqin Rafiq (18 months). I’m currently working at one of the biggest IT Company in Cyberjaya as Technical Consultant for VOIP (Voice over IP) and IPT (IP Telephony) and support worldwide of user. Before that, I was working in Internet security environment at one of the biggest telecommunication company at Technology Park Malaysia over the last 7 years. I graduated from Open University Malaysia in Bachelor of Information Technology.
Picture 1: Norliza and her family members

The Story
I first started my passion in felt craft in January 2009. I was carrying my first/ second baby, and was looking around for good, quality baby books. I then noticed that most of the baby books in the market are quite expensive and it was hard to find custom-made ones. I wanted something more personal for my baby so I browsed the internet to see what’s in the market those days. I bumped into an online tutorial on how to sew your own baby book (Quite Baby Book ( It gave me the idea of sewing some baby books for my new baby.

After I gave birth and brought my baby for monthly check up, I brought along some unfinished pages of the book to sew during the waiting period. It later gained some attentions from other parents, and they showed their interests over the book. From that day forward, I begin receiving requests from friends and colleagues to sew the baby books for them. They stated that the books were more personalized and more memorable.

I then started to expand my sewing skills towards other types of crafts as well. I created some hair accessories using felt. At first it was for my daughter, but then she was kind enough to spread the words to everyone she sees (teachers, friends and even strangers) about her hand-made crafts made by her mother.
Picture 5: Ridwana Riffiah and Amelyn wearing handmade felt hairclip

I strongly believe that items that are made with love are the items that will be appreciated most. I create with love. Each item that I made is always made from the heart. I spend a lot of time creating and perfecting my items. I focus on details, quality, and trying to create something unique, that you won’t find somewhere else. I try my best to make my craft different from others crafters so they would me more personalized, exclusive and unique.

What is Felt
Felt is a type of non-woven cloth that is produced by matting, condensing and pressing woolen fibers. While some types of felt are very soft, some are tough enough to form construction materials. Felt can be of any color, and made into any shape or size. Currently I’m using 2 type of felt one is 100% polisher and another one is mix wool.
Picture 6: Felt fabric

2.       What does (company) do, specifically for children?
It is always such a joy to see happy faces wearing something that you made. However, what makes it more joyous to me is when seeing little kids made efforts to create their own felt craft.

I’ve organized felt workshops for kids and teenagers and surprisingly, children enjoy sewing very much, provided that we give them proper guidance. There was always a preconception of children not being able to do delicate jobs like sewing. However, from previous experience, it was proven that sewing does not only help them to develop their concentration skills, but also improve their creativity. Threading needles, making stitches and working with both hands would also help these children to develop coordination skills. And interestingly, sewing projects would also help children improve their numeracy skills – measuring fabric, counting stitches and working out the sizes for example, would be able to help children to polish their mathematical knowledge.
Picture 7: Denial 9 year olds, with his 1st felt card special for his mummy

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