Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Caterpillar Party Pack aka Bag Kertas Ulat Bulu

This is an unplanned party pack!! That was requested by my colleague for her daughter, Qaisara..a very short noticed order...on 6th April 2010, at 4pm Noori , Qaisara’s mother asks me about party pack…where to buy it, what that what this…so many question like I’m the one who work in Tesco, Kedai Reben Ah Kion and Mydin… hahaa

Suddenly she said “ko jek la buat…!!!” What…huhu sempat ke?... already 4pm and she want the party pack ready tomorrow (which is today 7th April 2010)… OMG!!!...

Oleh kerana aku sangat baik hati…(ada maknaa)..So apalagi..meroyan la kami membeli  material/craft/art at Master Art, Cyberjaya…and we have spent around RM130.00 there!! Only for party pack…hahahahh crazy!!
I start do it around 12.00pm when all of my kids tido…if not meraka also akan berjaga sampai pagi to “help me.”… I worked hard from 00:00:00 till 12.30:00… which is 24 hrs no sleep!! Semuanya keranamuuu Noori!!

Sebagai balasan Noori bought me some of sewing/art tools that I want it before..thanks Noori… I lap u lah!

I hope this will be unforgettable birthday party for Qaisara!! Thanks Noori..

*wah aku berbahasa London!!!more picture and the making of click here

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  1. chomel nyer paper beg itu babe.. u are superb!

  2. thanks liyana...saya cuba2 jek...


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