Friday, April 30, 2010

You Are Invited!

You are Invited!!

Grand Opening of Wisma Bling Lustre and 1 Superkids Family Day

Who should come? Anybody...bring yr family, boyfriend, girlfriends, parents..

Fee: FREE !!

1. The lounching of Bling Auto Care, Scriptory Box, 1 Superkids Club House &
Bling Boutique

2. Birthday Party, Coloring Contest, parent & Children Activities, Story-telling & Origami Session, Felt Craft Session (With SekociNorlie), Clowns & Ballon and more!

3. Car-care demonstration & promotion, Fashion Display by Bling Buubies

4. Promotion Booth by Karangkraft, Maybelline, Chantk-Chantek, Lunatot' Cloth Diapers (CD), etc..

- Special session by Ms. maiza 9Model, Business oman, Avon Ambassador)
- Bengkel Pemakaian Tudung buy Mahalah NUR
- Babywearing Demonstration by MalaysianbabyWearers (limited seats - registration required)

Menu: Nasi Beriani, fruts and drinks. You may bring some potluck (halal) for the evnt as ell!!

MomBlogger Planet
Golden Horse Cosmetics
SekociNorlie (hehheeheh mee!!!)

More info here:

See you at the event! I will handle for felt-craft session, so who want to learn abt felt craft come joint us!!! it is FREE!!


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