Wednesday, June 9, 2010

EPL Sisterhood 4

Some of the pictures taken from that workshop...Oh cop!! we did not called this 'workshop' but 'playshop'..heheh it is FUN...It is really-really FUN!!...speechless... i though this playgroup for people like me..dunno know how to speak English ngeh..ngehhh...

But I'm totally WRONG...some of the participant is lecture, researcher, business woman..and some of them study at oversea before!! they just came to share their experience, tips.. and how their success in life..Bravo sister!!!

Sekoci is one of the sponsor so..I took advantage to joint this!! worth it!!!

Alhamdulilah... and thanks to Coach Sha,Coach  Ziela, Coach Riz, Coach Intan and many more..

Me and Coach Sha...she is very nice person... kelakorr!!!

Me and Coach Intan..the bon-bon lady (hahah pregy cute la her..)
Coach Ziela...the lovely lady...
And don't forget!!! Sekoci's booth at the back!!!! Mmm rugila siapa tak joint on that day... We got Crazy Sales on that day!!!! you wont get same price after that..
The tree of Sekoci's charms

More picas HERE,

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