Monday, June 21, 2010

TALK & WALK - ACG's Meeting - Part 1

I have great time with ACG Member and my lovely daughter Ridwana.. She is so existed with this venture.. Jungle is new word for her…she keep asking like radio buruk nenek yang habis bateri tu…what is jungle..what is many what is until I’m getting pressure..

I decided to go by public transport..this is good for Ridwana..I think.. ;)..along the way..we play paper..scissors..stone… hahah everybody looking at us…Ada aku kesah…hahaa..

Then I’m like tourist guide..showed to her what is that..what is this….naik penat mulut aku..

I don’t know if people think I’m Ridwana’s sisters..huwarhahha…is it? Rasanyalah…lagi2 bila Ridawana called my name MAMA!!! Semua macam pelik jek..

Before the walk we do some artwork…Kak Aby with her nice flower from recycle bottle..Felicia with her lovely paint and me? with Jane sandwich yang sedap gila…makan..makan and makan…

Huhuuu best gila...(pstt haku pun 1st time jugak dey..nama jek dok KL lama…KL Tower tak penrnah jejak pun..Tapi Gunung Jerai kat Kedah tu dah…wink!!!)

Thanks to Jane from ACG for this invitation, thanks to En. Zul from KL Tower Nature Walk Team.

I should bring Ridwana awal2 lagi.. lot think Ridwana learn about jungle…..

Here some picture taken during that, Felicia and Jane…borak-borak sampai penat ;)

And below is some picture taken during "Art Sembang"..

bertukar-tukar ;)

At the Tower's lobby.

More picture HERE

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