Monday, October 25, 2010

Bazaar @ UYA Launch

Hi Peeps!

I have just received an email from a dear friend and I have a surprise news for you.

Are you ready? Act like eager a bit laa...:)

Anyway UYA is a boutique newly open in SS14 has decided to do a launch on 30th October.

So, if you would like to participate in the bazaar, the fee is RM50 for a space. The surprise bit is for another RM50 you get to place your products at the Boutique for a month. I think it is a good deal for people who frequent bazaars and do not own a shop yet.

Hey, if you would like to know more,  I will send pictures of the place and fitting that they provide, and you might need not to bring railings of your own. First come first serve, though. Hurry, hurry!

Interested? Please contact Nirwana Tuan Sharif at :

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  1. ada juala printed felt ke?

    emaail me "

  2. hi juliet, sorry i tak jual printed felt anymore...


You may LOVE it to :)

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