Monday, November 22, 2010

Crafting with kids

My story by Brigitte Rozario from ParenThots  :)


Norlie with some of her felt creations.

Kids Fair  

Miyyah, Norlie and Nirwana will be at The Star's Kids Fair at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

The schedule is as follows:

Saturday, Nov 27:

1-2pm (quilling + contest)
5-6pm (recycled materials and felt)

Sunday, Nov 28

12noon-1pm (quilling + contest)
2-3pm (recycled materials and decoupage)
The quilling contest is to choose the best quilling project by a child at Kids Fair. 

Children just have to join ParenThots at the Kids Fun Corner at the designated time slots to create a quilling craft. A photo will then be taken of the child with the finished quilling craft.

The best 10 crafts will be posted on ParenThots' Facebook page. Based on the highest votes and the ParenThots' judges' decision, just one winner will be chosen.

The prize is crafts books and kits.

The winner will be announced on ParenThots.

For more information on Kids Fair, go to

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  1. Macam menarik yeh Norlie. Sue nanti nak bawa anak Sue pegi, n explore the craft making. Sejak Norlie introduce felt craft kat anak Sue, dia suka sangat mereka bentuk dengan gunting dia. (habis gas papers n my felt di gunting)... :)

  2. hi kak sue...jom dtg ke klcc..i will teach some basic felt craft fr kids + recycle denim ... because this is eco-green craft


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