Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Crafting with ParenThots at Kids Fair Day 1

Date: 27th Nov 2010

The craft sessions were conducted by the Arts and Crafts Guild's Wan Najmiyyah Wan Md Adnan (Miyyah) and Norliza Samingon (Norlie).
(Some pictures are courtesy of Parenthots)
Full Article HERE by ParentThots

Norlie with some of the kids and their handiwork!
Ridwana excited with her creation.. :)

The little girl with the frame she made at ParenThots' crafting session, and she did it all by herself!
Picture by Parenthots

The clip on her hair - she made it herself at the crafting session!
Picture by Parenthots

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  1. tahniah babe.. ko mmg rajin. ku bz la sem nih, byk event kene lpas kan. haish

  2. hai sifu.....hehe betui la norlie,kini kau sumber inspirasiku,,...kau memang kreatip laaa...


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