Monday, November 29, 2010

Felt Craft Class with Sekoci and ChomelCraft.Com Module 1

Our first collaboration with Chomelcraft and Sekoci..Yes it FUN!!!!... wait our next class :)

Group A - Kids - Conducted by Norlie
Group B - Adult - Conducted by Azza

before start...the preparation..

Introduce by Azza the owner of Chomelcraft... how she run the business and what kind of tolls that she used to make the cute hair clip..
Everybody interested with it ....
yeaahhh the class start!!
cant wait!!! update in the Facebook :)
In action!!!
The patern, design and end product by student...
Surprising!!! Yup she done it!!
She just 7 years old!! 
Me in action, picture by Azza
Norlie with kids...picture by Azza
xsited each other with what they have done.. Pls snap my picture wearing with my hairclip!!!
Break time!!! ehehehh
Creation done by Adult student
Bring me home!!! eheheh this done by kids..
Last but not least!!! eheheh 
photo by Azza :)

Thanks to all participant..wait our next class... :)

More picture by HERE and HERE 

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