Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Crafting with ParenThots at Kids Fair Day 2

Day 2 run smoothly... BIG thanks to all ACG members, ParenThots and Crafter...

My entry will be full with photo floating...hahahha enjoy the picas..
the quilling paper with Miyah 
Display creation by Miyah and Asma
Cute rite...3d quilling..
The tea, from left Yati, Nirwana, Mizan, Asma, Miyah and me
eheheh my 2 big handbag..
Our story everywhere...wahhh like celebrity babe!!
keep talking she has been featured everywhere..
Riz pass-by the banner..
Nirwana gave instruction to all participant... im also interested with..
Waiting...what next...
Little gurl explain to The Star Reporter that  is not candle holder is a BIRD!!!! really i though it unfurnished project but im wrong..out of my imagination!!!
creative...her decoupage candle holder 
mmm this one picture taken by my lovely  Ridwana...


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