Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Felt Craft Class - Kids

Are your children interested in felt crafts? I will organising classes for felt craft end of this month 
(30th January 2011).
The classes are for children and cost RM70 per session (fee is inclusive of all materials).
Lets joint us... opportunity to be featured in TV3 Kids News..!!

The Map, click to enlarge


  1. Salam.....am very interested to send my kids to ur class/es but ada tak yg kat greater KL? TQ.

  2. am very interested to send my kids to ur class/es....ada tak in greater KL?TQ.

  3. KL will be scheduled on May at Tropicana City Mall with Parentoths.com (The Star) but the date not confirm yet... if u want, i can arrange one class fr u, but the min student is 8-10.. at yr place..

  4. i nak tanya... rm70 tu.. nanti termasuk apa ye? barang2 yang diorang nak made craft kan tu berupa macam mana ye..

  5. Hi Jassnani,

    Thank you fr yr message... the fees is for the class + the material. 5 design will be teach on that day.. you may refer below link, this is what i have done before:


  6. salam,

    ada organised class lagi tak..? berminat nak masukkan my daughter


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