Monday, February 7, 2011

Mom’s Day Out

Hi Mom!!! Who did not joint this event lat time memang rugilah... lot activities we have done... + grooming lagik... heeheh i got lot info too... the best part is How to wearing shawl... yes i really love it!!

My felt craft slot is at the ned of the program... we leka doing our craft till tau2 dah 8pm... crazylahhh!!! memang happening!!

My Felt Craft Slot
Mommies get ready....
Khuyuk dan tawadukkk... ;)
Yeahhh we done it!!!

Grooming slot with Sis Anizon from Anizon Collection

Cup cake deco by Dilla's Deli

hahah grash grash is mine.. suka la serabut rumput nih (actually ni jek yg pandai...)

Haahah i got cert also... huhuuu divaa

More picture HERE

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