Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Paper Crafters Get-Together v2.0

Dated: February 26, 2011
For more photos of the event and FULL Report , here are the links:

Miyyah@Kertas Facebook Page --Owner
Azilah of Cupcake Craft & Handmade Cards

Sorry im to lazy to write....ngehhhh..

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Sekoci on By'U Magz! - May 2011

A little sightning on my another NEW av magz, By'U on this May. Love this edition :)

 Thank You!
 Next to Karangkraf one page advert =D
 All the yummy felt from Sekoci Norlie in a page!
 The big title on the page!
The Cover!

and this little sightning is just makes my day...:)
* Credit photo by MsFid and Ms. Akma from By'U Magz...thank you sooo much...
Happy Crafting Day....

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Featured! - NUR (Karangkraft) Feb 2011

Hari Kejadian - FEB 2011 (Backdated posting..hehhehe)

7th Feb 2011..

Dear Blog,

Mmmm today is hot sunny day...after go to craft shop (kedai bunga nonya kemut tu la mana lagik..) buy some of craft things... this article make my day senyum-senyum kambing... :P

Mmm i so lucky the article is in special edition... "EDISI Istimewa NUR ke 100"..special edition of NUR!! , Wardina, Najlah, Dina, Amrina and Jasrina in their cover...

Thanks to Pn. Mashitah for our interview (sesat2 barat cari rumah di panas terik matahari)...kepada mak pak abg kakak, kwn2 craft n tak craft yg banyak membantu... sop sop...(sambil konon pegang trofi kat carpet merah...) 

Wahhh!! Skemaa!!

*Qulity picture so-so... esok suk pro ambik...haku harem ambik gambau..

i think it's just for the quarter of the page article, but i got 4 full page about me and my craft, oh gosh...thanks so much Puan Mashitah.....
special edition!
Craft corner (Ruang kreatif)

Behind the scene... diwaktu panas terik....dihidangi kuih cara Kak Ita belakang rumah... + tergetar2 jari menjahit...really make my day :)

 some of the stuf
 My sweet home 
 where i store my harta..
 my worse **(&*(%&^$ ya again...
 The shotting session
Puan Mashitan and the photographer from Karangkraft :) ... Thanks alots and see you again ...

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You may LOVE it to :)

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