Monday, June 27, 2011

Featured - Berita Minggu

If Siti Ruzaimah did not SMS me about this, confirm I don’t know my picture is there..heheheh… the article has been publish in Berita Minggu last Sunday – 26th June 2011.

BIG thanks to Khairina Yaacop who have been introduced me to Ms. Bennie Zie Fauzie from Berita Minggu and deal with this interview. We have done the shooting at Bling Lustre, Puchong.

THANKS to BERITA HARIAN for the article about me and my others crafty friends, 
I will scan and post the complete article soonest (sorry I don’t have the copy in my hand…kena cari siapa yang beli and simpankan for me…… )

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!

Journalist : Ms. Bennie Zie Fauzie
Photographer : Shiraz Yasmin

*Thanks CT snap this article for me :)

Thanks to Wanie for this pic too :)

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  1. Congrate beb! Lama jugak tunggu nk kuar nih =D

  2. congrats! nnt kc cari sapa beli paper ni semlm....

  3. hi.. i notice ade 3 ekor cute pinguin kat paper tu.. xde close up pic ke?


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