Thursday, June 30, 2011

I'm gonna be on teevee!!!

Dear blogger and crafter...

On 27th June 2011, during my rush-rush time to go for ITIL training I got an exciting phone call from Ms. Sakinah from TV9 - Nasi Lemak Kopi O, a morning talk show on TV9.

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Guess what? I'll be on the show this Sunday, 8am! yeeaaayuuuuu (but im speechlessness because my mind just thinking about ITIL OSA Ver.3 Exam and I'm already late to attend for the training...

U know with the book, lappy and at the same time berlari2 ke training room I say YES to Sakinah...than after few hours i blur...what i should do? got time to prepare? huhuuuu...dammm.... 
 hahah this one by me... - unfinished! + font salah la pulak!

I am really nervous. I hope I don't choke up there on LIVE television. Okay... don't forget to watch me on the show...NOW i need to focus on my ITIL Exam.. if not sure my bos will kill me if i fail...huwarrhahaha takutnyaaa!!...
I need to FOCUS this one first... masa depan nih!

Nightt..night.... :)

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  1. congratulation n good luck for all

  2. thanks kak syam... huhu kena focus exam dulu baru pkir teevee.. stress stresss

  3. wahhh...on tv ye...will see you :)

  4. tahniah! td sy sempat tgk sekejap je, itu pun dh nak abis.. semua item cantik2!

  5. oklah..mnarik..cma budakk tdi larik2 ..mgganggu rncgn nasi lmk kopi o

  6. thanks all, darKveIl .. SORRY i lost y control to control my doter

  7. sy tengok cik sekocinolie kt tv.. sukeee sangattttt... ada tak guide untuk buat semua craft tu.. kalau ada bukukan la bleh sy beli untuk buat craft sendiri

  8. Tahniah ya! Tumpang gembira. Produk semua cantik! Keep it up! :)


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