Thursday, July 28, 2011

Unique Felt Flower Hand Bouquet

Unique Felt Flower Hand Bouquet for your Special Day
Technique : Glue and hand stitch 
Material : Felt (Hard)
Order by : Nazlin Shamin
Photo by : Dear Azalea

Interested? Please email me at sekocinorlie [at] gmail.lcom
Price depends on how many flower needed / design ---  excluding postage :)

Like this?: RM70.00/pcs for 14pcs flowers 

This handmade bouquet is created by Nazlin... Actually have story behind. This flower should be use for DULANG HANTARAN, but there is miss-communication between us...I do as brooch.. whereby I should NOT do it...(huhu masa tu takutnya Allah je yang tahu...)

But lucky the recipient still accept my creation...Alhamdulilah. I'm really surprised the flower has been transform to Beautiful Hand bouquet ...

Thank you so much upgradeing it!.(ada ke words ni?) ..XOXO...

Big thanks to Nazlin Shamin the owner of Dear Azalea..

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  1. salam.. kalo sy nak mcm nie boleh tak??

  2. assalam, pls email yr request/order to

  3. Salam, tempoh masa siap n skali posting lama mana ek? Tq

  4. assalam engku. order for 2012 already closed. it depens on my queu last 1 month i can manage my sschedue.


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