Friday, August 12, 2011

Felt Crown for Queen Mikko

Special for Hauhc Mikko Acceber the admin of Craftmaniac 

Happy Birthday Mikko! We love you so much!!!
Size : 30cm diameter (adjustable tight by ribbon)

Technique : Glue, hand stitch  and machine
Material : Felt (hard)
Photo by : Mikko and my nazak's blackberry ;P 
Handmade Card by : Namizam 

Aku buat ngam2 ya kepala kau yang besar!
 Budget celebration..hahahah
 Konon la kau terharu yerr...sudahlah!!! lakonan!

Interested? Please email me at sekocinorlie [at] gmail.lcom
Price depends on design ---  excluding postage :)

Like this?: RM35.00

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