Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lebaran SALES at ChomelCraft.Com

Our product will be sell at ChomelCraft.Com SOONEST! be prepare for the LEBARAN SALES this Saturday 12:00PM at Chomelcraft.Com 

from talented Chomelcraft's Associate Crafter
don't miss it!

ChomelCraft's Associate Crafter
ChomelCraft by Azzaliza (Jijah)
Sekoci by SekociNorlie
Mikylayna by Sabrina Yazid
LizOthman Kids Wear by LIza Othman
Below is some creation from SEKOCI, any many more!!!!

Price will be RESERVED for SALES week.... it will make you crazy!!!  
Collect them all!!
The WEB Site will be launch this SATURDAY

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