Friday, August 12, 2011

Polka Dot for Retro Night

All about Polka Dot for Retro Night Dinner
Size : 7cm X 4.5cm (Bow) , Headband (25cm X 4.5cm), Plastic Headband (Standard Sz with 2.5cm)

Technique : Glue, hand stitch and machine
Material : Japanese Cotton (Osaka)
Order by : Nur Azra
Unit Perkhidmatan Makmal, Biro Pengawalan Farmseutikal Kebangsaan

Interested? Please email me at sekocinorlie [at] gmail.lcom
Price depends on design --- excluding postage :)

Like this?:
Bow : RM8.00
Headband (Plastic) : RM20.00
Headgear : RM15.00

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