Monday, September 12, 2011

Behind-the-Scenes Era Fazira and Mia Sara

Di Balik Tabir..Cover page AstroView September 2011...
Yup I just received the photo(s) from Liza... I like all the picas.. mereka berdua nampak cantik..ayu..soo adorable..especially Mia...

She so cute..banyak mulut tapi comel.. :) ... Era cantik..tak pernah tengok di tak cantik...berlakon hingga hujung nyawa jd nenek pun cantik..hahahaa 

Credit picture to Liza 

Sorry not much nak tulis..rushing to finish my office workload... hurry..Norlie hurryy!!!

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  1. Such lovely photos of a pretty little girl! Why did the blog close suddenly?

  2. HI...did did not closed the blog...only closed the order because bz with office workload ;)


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