Monday, September 26, 2011

Princess Girl just wanna have a magical Birthday Party! I want to be Snow White

Assalam... I received one request from my beloved friend Yan..asked me to do something for her lil princess - Dea... and she want to be a SNOW WHITE... Oh My Allah...what I should do?  I don't have any button with Snow White character..think..think and think...

Taraaa!!! Here the result... I noticed that Snow White is wearing headband... Snow white is wearing beautiful dress Yellow + Blue and Red...  I did 3 experiments... with ribbon..with felt and last with organza... mmmm...bow je? ...Yup just simple ribbon make it different is the Snow White Picture..
Red organza, plastic headband...Snow White's stickers.. and 1 piece of felt..

Seriously difficult for me to find the sticker..(iyer sticker je..) I go from one shop to another shop just to search Snow White's head! hahah (selalu bila tak cari bersepah jek..bila cari tak jumpa-jumpa...stress makkk!!!)

Lasttt I found at Seksyen 19..almost an hour I geledah the kedai...the Tokey keep looked at me..keep jeling-jeling like I one to  curi... (haiyaaaa nyonyaaa ini kedai 2 ringgit I tara curi punyalahhh!!!)... tp heheh banyak sorry pasal itu sepahkan rak stickerr....ngeh ngeh ngeh...

I'm so lucky akhirnya jumpa juga...but only one...if tak jadi...confirm I don't have it anymore...masakk....Sampai rumah..kena sorok siap2 from my daughter... kalau tak arwah la the sticker...heheee Royal!! it looked like the Original Snow White headband? mmm oklah seakan-akan..hahahaaaa

Alhamdulillah Snow White's Mummy to be like it...I'am glad she said is nice...ya beda bedooo..!!!

Than my ROH come overrr...from only one Headband dah jadi 2...I do some for Snow White's Mummy pulak..hahahaa...mengada tau!..siapa yang over? mak pengantin ke haku? (jawapannya haku lerr..)

with Vintage embellishment... for beloved Mummy..Snow White to be..

I can't wait how the headband with Snow White Costume Dress nanti...sure cute..miyuuutt Dea on that day...

Credit picture : Cartoon Character 

I like this classic

Snow White - Do You Want to Know the Secret? by The Beatles
Credit to Martin 

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