Friday, September 16, 2011

SekociNorlie on URTV Raya 2011 Edition

Alhamdulilah.Sekoci's Handmade again featured in the magazine.. This time with AF Artist...Thanks to Liza who propose this to URTV Team for this Raya Edition... I did not aspect that Liza do this...Seriously no...Thanks liza... again you expose my creation to the public..
Check it out your nearest Book Store...Cover page Norman and Memey...
15-30 September 2011
(pssttt cantik baju dia...PINK...i likeeee)

 The Story :)
Adorable Qashrina wearing Princess Diary Felt Flower..

Beautiful Mummy  Adorable Baby :
Pic by Liza Othman..
Busana Kecil : LizaOthman.Com
Headgear : SekociNorlie & Wanie Craft Cottage
Photog: LizaOthman.Com and  Ihsan Rashide 

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