Thursday, September 8, 2011

Up-cycled Denim Project - #1


My latest (not so latest but it has been created last year..) but this one fresh from oven...just this morning i make it for my special friend Naja.. for her lil princess...(orang baru naik cuti bersalin...hehehe) Tahniah Naja for you new baby NISA.. ;)

I found the denim at the used cloth shop (aka kedai bundle)...and i like the hot fix on the denim...yes cut it and turned  it into something special..only one... 1 pair of pant i only got 5 flower... Taraaaa here the result..

*somebody not really suka the recycle/used cloth ....but I love it...lets go green :)

Name: SekociNorlie Up-cycled Denim Flower
Headband (metal) and baby headband (elastic) 

Color : Black / Blue
Material: Up cycled denim 
Flower Measurement : 6.5 cm / 9.00cm
Photog : Norlie
Special Gift for : Naja
Technique : Hand Cut , Glue (tutorial you may get from Google..its just simple make it different is the skill you cut and glue it )

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