Wednesday, November 30, 2011

D.I.Y HAIR Clip - Ready Stock by ChomelCraft.Com

Assalam...Hi Readers and Follower...
Don't know how to sew Felt Craft? Want to start? Why not try this DIY...simple and easy to follow....

RM25.00 including postage (Pos Laju)

Interested pls email / PM Chomelcraft.Com
Azzaliza / 

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Pertandingan Jahitan Kreatif Kraft FELT

1. WELCOME / SELAMAT DATANG Door Sign (30 cm x 20 cm)
2. 1 item SAHAJA daripada senarai dibawah ini
• Felt Keychain
• Felt Hairclips
• Felt Cekak rambut
• Felt Brooch
• Felt Name Tag

Tempat : Kolej Komuniti Shah Alam
Tarikh : 3 Dec 2011
Masa : 9 am – 12pm (3 jam)


  • Tempat Pertama : Barangan Kraft Felt bernilai RM100
  • Tempat Ke Dua : Barangan Kraft Felt bernilai RM70
  • Tempat ke Tiga : Barangan Kraft Felt bernilai RM50
  • Tempat ke Empat : Barangan Kraft Felt bernilai RM30
  • Tempat Ke Lima : Barangan Kraft Felt bernilai RM20

Semua peserta akan mendapat “door gift”

Syarat-syarat pertandingan:

  1. Berumur 18 tahun ke atas
  2. Peserta hendaklah menggunakan bahan- bahan yang telah diberikan
  3. Peserta boleh menggunakan pattern / design sendiri.
  4. Semua hasil pertandingan adalah hak milik Kolej Komuniti Shah Alam.
  5. Ukuran yang perlu dipatuhi

Skima pemarkahan:

  1. Kekemasan Jahitan – 60%
  2. Pemilihan warna – 10%
  3. Design Originality (Rekaan asli) – 10%
  4. Kreativiti - 20%

Sample of door sign

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What you can do with your Old Denim?

Hello Readers..

Free craft workshop at Textile Museum. Craft instructors was from ACG (The Arts & Crafts Guild, KL & Selangor).

Limit to 20 seats... First come first basis. Don't miss out the great opportunity to learn the craft stuffs!

Beside this we have more workshop...check it HERE 

*Credit to Namizam for the creative poster! I like it!

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Up-cycled Denim Project - #5 Sling Bag

I'm using 1 pair of old denim (pants) and 1 old jacket (black color).. Just nice to carry my Nikon ..heheeh No body know that im carry my Nikon..

Sorry no and only... i'm not sure if i got more old jacket...need to survey at usedcloth (bundle) shop again :P

* Technique - hand stitch! My cousin help me to stiched it...x larat to tick!

 See!! with my flower charm (check previous entry)

Hand stitch!
Put everything inside!
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Up-cycled Denim Project - #4 Flower Charm

Seriously liken it...simple... easy and meletup ..heehee ... Sorry I forgot to snap the step to do... but I will teach it at my Recycle Denim Workshop this week. What we need is 12 petals of flower shape...

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Up-cycled Denim Project - #3 Headband and Bow

I got the plain plastic headband from Namizam and Mikko...Thank you darling...and i turn it into denim headband...this is coolll!!! yeahhh! .. there have 2 using scissors and another one just koyakkan sahaja (I forgot the word it in English...hehehehe)

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Up-cycled Denim Project - #3 Coasters

I love this denim coasters tutorial from My Recycled Bags because it uses a part of the old jeans that often gets discarded when creating upcycled denim projects.   
Here is from my oven..heehehehe...I put on my office table.. 

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Up-cycled Denim Project - #2 Flower

Hello peeps… Do you have old jeans at your home? Don't throw out those old jeans. They can still be recycled into projects that will last a lifetime.  

Taraaa!!!  Here some of my up-cycled denim project . So? Turning your old jeans into something new and useful might seem like an impossible feat. But the number of different ways you can reuse your old jeans is surprising.

 Lovely headband ....
 The metal headband wrap with the old denim...
 Huhuuu i love this seriously love it!!!
 Brown denim with lace
 My hydrygyna flower 
 Simple flower...

 what i do in one night...  

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Sekitar Kelas Kraftangan Felt Kolej Komuniti - (Klang 19&20 Nov 2011)


This is our last class with Kolej Komuniti for the year 2011. We not sure if government still have budget for Program 1 Malaysia RM20.00 for 2 days class. I heard that the management said might be back to normal program which is student/participant need to pay the material cost as well... I hope we got good news from them next year..hopefully ...

Okey here the picas for last week class at Kolej Komuniti Klang, almost 20 participant...again and as usual happening class and we enjoy doing it... Thanks again...

Organised by: Kolej Komuniti Klang + ChomelCraft and SekociNorlie

*my favorite  student Adik Sarah and Shankar...ehehehe... seriously impress!!

Tengok baju dia! dia jahit sendiri tau...... her name DORIS 
 She so cute :)

 Siapa kata lelaki tak boleh? boleh lahhh!!!!

Sekali tunjuk jek...than Sarah do by herself! taraaaaa....!!
 If im not mistaken she is 11 years old :)

i like it!!!

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You may LOVE it to :)

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