Friday, November 25, 2011

At Crafty Evening at GENTING 11.11.11

It was a crafty evening at Genting International Convention Center on 11.11.11, Friday with Hauhc Mikko Acceber and Mikylayna. Big thanks to Liza from who have been invited us for this event...

Not forget to Kolej Komuniti who gave my contact to them :)

Seriously little bit tired served with more than 1000 guest ...siap vomit mabuk free turun dari sana...hahah dah lama sangat tak drive naik ke atas tu...but we so happy with it.. MORE PICTURE CLICK HERE . 

Not forget to Kak Ros who make 80pcs keychain to be given to the quest, Mis Fid + Mikko who help me till 12pm 2 days before...hahah than tak tido malam siapkan the birdie2 yg comel tu...

Our booth

 Me and Sabrina :) signage made by Sab hand cut okay!
 Tangan sotong...tangan sotong....sos sos ambulance ni no ni noo...

 Ni entah apa kes ntah but memang gelabah habis non stop from 3pm till 9pm...huuuhh!!!

 hahaahh tengok kaki sab...dah naik dahh!!!
Sabar... write yr name first!! we limit till 300..than we closed sorry!

Again signage by Sab :)

 Birdie birdi by Mikko
 This one by me lerrr....
 Cute Pingu by Nazirah (my sis in law)
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