Friday, November 25, 2011

Sekitar Kelas Kraftangan Felt Kolej Komuniti - (Klang 19&20 Nov 2011)


This is our last class with Kolej Komuniti for the year 2011. We not sure if government still have budget for Program 1 Malaysia RM20.00 for 2 days class. I heard that the management said might be back to normal program which is student/participant need to pay the material cost as well... I hope we got good news from them next year..hopefully ...

Okey here the picas for last week class at Kolej Komuniti Klang, almost 20 participant...again and as usual happening class and we enjoy doing it... Thanks again...

Organised by: Kolej Komuniti Klang + ChomelCraft and SekociNorlie

*my favorite  student Adik Sarah and Shankar...ehehehe... seriously impress!!

Tengok baju dia! dia jahit sendiri tau...... her name DORIS 
 She so cute :)

 Siapa kata lelaki tak boleh? boleh lahhh!!!!

Sekali tunjuk jek...than Sarah do by herself! taraaaaa....!!
 If im not mistaken she is 11 years old :)

i like it!!!

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