Saturday, February 11, 2012

Kids Voice Out

Assalam peeps..

ChomelCraft has been invited to demonstrate fun and exciting crafts for television viewers. This time, we will be featured in TV3’s Kids Voice Out programme. Catch the programme every Saturday and Sunday at 10.00am, 10.30am and 10.48am.

Check they'r wearing Sekoci's Handmade too :)
Check behind the scene photo :) HERE  and HERE  
sooo excited 
 The frame
 salt dough to make fridge magnet, it has been done by kids!
 We help to make it more faster...cepat sikit siap.... 
 ....lepaking at verandah @Haliza Othman....lokasi penggambaran..heheee
 i love this....testimoni...baju yang Ridwana buat dah 3 kali basuh tak luntur pun...we are using Fabric Paint
which only cost RM1.90 each bottle..
 They are in action...
Interview with Tasha :) she sooo sweeett..

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