Sunday, February 19, 2012

Thank you Afra Yuri..

Assalam..As usual i'm quite bz bee this workload..personal workload all load load coming in ;P day is special entry for Afra Yuri, the person who ask me to do  hand-bouquet during her  special day; engagement.. Thanks Yuri..Thanks sangat-sangat (ikut gaya citer cerekarama last night "saya sayang awak sangat-sangat" ) hehhehe

Berjumpa hanya di tepi Tasik Shah Alam...i snap some her pic ..sorry the quality so-so saja, out of focus.. btw SELAMAT BERTUNANG AFRA...cepat2 ya majliss...ta mau tunggu lama2... 

She sooo sweett... saya suka mata dia...
Picture credit to the owner - AfraYuri

hok atas ni dok tahu la apa dema bualkan ambo dok ingaq dah.ahahhaha

100% Handmade
Material : Satin and 18th Jelly Button (Satin maroon and Pink)
Size : S
Stock - Made to Order
Promotion Price till End of February 2012
Price RM55 (promotion)
Normal Price : RM65

More info check it out HERE: or Sekoci's FB Page
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  1. thanks to you Norlie! Love ur artwork, ur indeed talented. It was awesome dealing with you cuz u gave me ur progress + ideas, keeping me all excited hehe. tq again sis!


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