Friday, March 23, 2012

Wedding Favor - Bridal Hand Bouquet ... Felt Flower

Assalam... sorry peeps, as usual i'm buzee bee...bzzz sangat-sangat...this is my last week my working hours start at 6am... huwaaahhh ngantuknya......mmm bukan mahu berhenti tetapi...Next week my working hours will be start at 5am!!!! lagi awal weiii!!..

Why so early?... well working on shift and follow the sun schedule macam ni lah..tak tentu waktu kerja and ntah bila nak update the blog..heehehe

Alright here i attach the new HB request by Juliana for her engagement day..

Selamat Bertunang Julie

100% Handmade
Material : Felt  

Interested? Click HERE for more details.

* Nota kaki
Photographer: Zizan Ismail Edited by: Nurul Muza

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