Friday, April 13, 2012

Price increase and CLOSED order

Assalammualaikum and good day to you ... 

Kindly informed that any request for 'DIA COMEL DIA CANTIK' and 'COLOR OF LOVE' are currently CLOSED. Both designs will only be available in JUNE 2012 onward (due to running stock of material).

At the same time effective 16th April 2012 we will be increasing prices of some our earlier design of hand bouquet due to rising cost in material and labor; (for those already order before 13th April the price still maintain).

And the HB that ARE affected are:
1.       Dia Comel Dia Cantik (from RM85 to RM95)
A proximally using 120 to 150 pcs of button
Hope that you can bear with me because the cost of 1 big button is around RM0.60 to RM1.20. Frankly you can check at my supplier This cost not including the cotton lace and the labor and margin, so you can imagine how much the total cost for each set of HB.

2.       Rembulan (from RM70 for 14pcs now standard to RM85 for 16pcs of flower)

The HB that ARE NOT affected are:
1.       Color of LOVE (RM85)
2.       Oh Merahnya (RM120)
3.       Mekar Setaman (from RM85 – with 20pcs of roses, extra price for extra roses)
4.       Denim - with vintage and metal button (from RM100.00 to RM120)
5.       Bintang-Bintang (from RM100) this will release soon
6.       Yo-Yo - (from RM100) this will release soon
7.       Looping LOVE (from RM100) this will release soon

Custom Design
Kilauan Cinta (from RM65 (fabric only) + cost of brooch) --> the total price can be RM190 based on how many brooch and material of fabric.

Under Budget
Any inquiries which is under budget we may negotiate.. I try to help you and make you happy on your big day.

For more info of each HB + the Picture you may CLICK HERE (SEKOCI’s FB)

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