Friday, May 18, 2012

I'm gonna be on TV! Segment Kerja@Rumah of the upcoming TV show Apa Kata Wanita this Sunday

Assalam... (Entry Syok Sendiri..)

I will be featured in Segment Kerja@Rumah of the upcoming TV show Apa Kata Wanita this Sunday 3PM :) 20th May 2012 (jom tengok tv naikkan rating :P)

Sunday (LIVE) at 3 pm on TV1
Friday (REPEAT) at 1 pm on TV2

Apa Kata wanita or also know as AKW hosted by Zamzarina and invited guests is Talkshow Magazine Programme, - it's a weekly 'live' talkshow which discusses different issues and topics, women, fashion, beauty, family, man and sometimes invited crafters for Kerja@Rumah Segment..

Yeah..I one of the guest for this week..  :P (poyo + Ia my rupa..sure cara-marba terabur sana-sini cakap..ahahah)

Actually this is my 4th times been featured in the TV Programs...KidsNews -Tv3, WHI-Tv3, 2nd Nasi Lemak Kopi O - Tv9 and now RTM (Live Tv1 and will be repeat at Tv2)..

Sound like riak ya?...huhuuu but Alhamdulilah Ya Allah for this opportunities. ..Frankly is not easy for me to bertapak and maintain what I have done for the past 3 years.. Be creative  is most important thing that I need to maintain (selalu hancur gak)... As you know I’m not crafter tegar or as supplier for craft material..but passion, love... sometimes can menjana pendapatan too.. so  I can buy more and more shawl, lipstick, blouse and the most  I love, SHOES!! Haahahaha..

Behind the scene - Apa Kata Wanita RTM Slot Kerja@Rumah
Date shooting : 26th April 2012 
@ Rumah Kecil Saya

PENERBIT RANCANGAN B27 and Crew Abg Mat and Atie :)

MORE picture click HERE

 Preparing demo of handbouquet
 In Action!  
.. Heeheheh nervous giler.. 

 My felt stock (sorry i'm not suppler, please click Craft Supply Link HERE)
 Some of hand-bouquet creation
Fara, me and Atie

Dont Forget Watching us at Apa Kata Wanita this 
SUNDAY - 20th May 2012
3.00 PM 
(Me and Namizam also will be at Studio 1 RTM - we been invited to open our small booth there)
The VIP quest is Tan sri Rafidah Aziz ..


  1. wah...bestnye....bile la saya nk jd cam norlie ni...hihih

  2. wah..sangat cantik hasil craft kak norlie..suke sy tgk kt tv1 citer APA KATA WANITA tu yg cari trus..hehe :)

  3. thanks Shuhada and Amni :) both of you can do it too :)


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