Monday, May 28, 2012

KIT Bunga Ceria (Suitable fr Kids Project)

School Holiday? Don't know what to do with your kids? I have someting interesting for you! Why not try do some craft activities with your beloved ... 

KIT Bunga Ceria (Suitable fr Kids Project) 
Only RM12
40pcs of assorted button,
20pcs wire, 1 cup,
5 pcs felt (A6) - color is random
instruction and pattern (in Bahasa)
In stock - only 20 pack

Email to yr details (Name + contact # and postage address)
A/c 1 1 2 0 2 7 0 0 4 5 9 2 (Maybank - Norliza Samingon)
Price RM12
Postage RM7 (by nation wide or poslaju)
Beli more and more still postage rm7 :)

Crafting is really about encouraging children to use their creativity and imagination. 
Felt crafting is also good for developing motor skills. You will impress how they can use needles, scissors and putting together small button and felt pieces helps in developing motor skills.


  1. cik lala ada lagi, but few only...pls email me if u interested with it

  2. as salam cik norlie...
    saya nak minta izin untuk menggunakan idea cik norlie ini untuk khidmat sosial saya bersama dengan anak-anak OKU sekolah khas. Insyaallah...

    latifah, kelantan.

  3. Assalam cik latifah..besar hati saya :). ... Moga dipermudahkan urusan dan memberikat manfaat pada semua :)




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