Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Temankan Kami....

mari..mari dekat kami
mari dekat bawa hati
warna warni bagai pelangi
jalan sama TEMANKAN KAMI

Saya + Awak
Aiman + Awie

flower girl handbouquet


Felt Handbouquet / Bunga Tangan Felt
100% Handmade
Material : Swiss-dot ribbon + 50++ Imported Button + Felt
Size : Standard  ( (Diameter 16cm, tinggi HB sahaja 10cm, pemegang 11cm) 

mean panjang keseluruhan 21cm (-+)
In Stock : made to order
Normal Price : RM85

*Kindly inform that the ribbon and colors of button ( i love u and fancy button) and felt will be random or while stock last (check what in my box first :)

Interested : email to sekocinorlie@gmail.com with below information (senang nak keep track record) ;

Full Name:
Email ID:
Type of HB you are interested with:
Theme Color:
Due Date HB should received:

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