Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sekoci's Tutorial at REMAJA


Masih di mood Syawal? hehehehe harini sure masing-masing ada list jemputan ke rumah terbuka..jaga makan...jangan metekedarah tak ingat dunia... time-time macam ni la food poisoning menyerang..penuh klink-klinik beringat-ringat jaga kesihatan, isnin nak keroje...heheheheh

Okay...todayIi just want to share the Felt Flower Tutorial at one of the local Magazine - Remaja... this is my 2nd time mu tutorial has been publish in Remaja... Thank you to journalistic Cik Hawa and and E. Azahari as the photographer.

I call this flower as REMBULAN, is the same name for my hand-bouquet also..... it seriously easy... within few minutes you can finish it :) No need dies, no need cutting machine... what u need is your HAND :) just hand cut... practice and practice... :)

Magazine: REMAJA
Publisher : Karangkraft
Issue : 624 - 15 August (if you unable to find it in book store, you may go to Karangkraft Mall at Seksyen 15 Shah Alam...mereka ada stock backdated issue....) or just call them!

The cover
 The tutorial, at page 130

Behind the scene
 Look simple but take time too...she want the step clear to readers...
Only this 2 pic behind the scene... i forgot to bring extra SD... tau2 memory full...hampeh...

Happy crafting 

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  1. cantik la.. yang ni cam yang dapat sekali dengan hb haritu ke sis?

  2. heheheehh seriously saya x ingat... yer kot..ampunnn!!! saya ada bagi ya? jahat saya x ingat!

  3. wah... bestnye tutorial akak msuk dlm Remaja..
    congrats~!! >_<


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