Thursday, December 6, 2012

Recap || Felt Class || Etiqa Hobby Week (Corporate Event)

Assalam, I believe that i mentioned in my fb that we, ACG;s members has been invited by Etiga for their Hobby Week event. Do it? if no confirm i forgot..huhuu sorry guys so many event has been done lately...

Due to i have on standby shift week so i unable to be one of the instructor, Alhamdulilah Sabrina willing to replace and help me, Thank you Allah and thank you Sabrina..
Cute DIY pack :) I like it much much!
 The tutorial

Picture below taken from our ACG's blog..and Whimsicalnquirkyworkshop

Sab - Felt Donuts
Umi - Ribbon Embroidery

Jon - Tatting - lace making

Felicia - Stone Painting

Collograph - setup
Ellie - Collograph, a printmaking technique

Mastura - Wire jewellery
Mas, explaining wire jewellery concepts

Etiqa participants enjoying themselves!

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