Sunday, December 23, 2012

Recap || Sekoci on Bella @NTV7

Alhamdulilah the shooting process went quite smoothly, I've been a little getting used to because it's the fifth time I was confronted with the camera,Thanks to Depnie too (kena practice jugak takut terabur lain tanya lain jawab hahah) seeee ... look how I act so naturally rite,haha...kononn

Program : Bella ntv7
Date: 25th November 2012 (Sunday)
Broadcast time: 1:30pm

Bella is a prominent talk show featuring a diverse mix of celebrity interviews, audience participation and segments highlighting everyday woman with extraordinary stories and talents. Bella celebrates and support women who are branching out and making a difference in this “man’s world”.

Thanks to lempeng hangit who upload the video ..heheeh malu seyyy
im look cute in tv? bluueekkk jangan gelak okk abaikan my broken English..hehe

Proud also my hand-bouquet has been used for the NEW set of Bella onward :)

Behind the scene 
Daphne Iking and my hand-bouquet
The display setting
Prepare to on air
After shooting hahah look they got donuts and some free gift from sekoci :)
Me and Dephne.. gila tinggi dia and she so gorgeous kau!Talkative and so kind.. seriously tak sombong
she make me comfort and lost my nervous. Proud introduce my new baby accessories to her 
 Me and Bella's crew.. Thank you all
Lutthfee me and Corinne Adrienne .. oh saya kena cari kerusi untuk sama tinggi LOL
Tak sangka boleh jumpa Corrinne in person, selalu tengok kat tv je... she really tall and cantik ok!
While im sitting in the waiting room damm tak berani nak tegur...hahhah buat2 macho camtu..
dah habis show baru teregeh2 nak ambik gambar... Thanks Lutthfee  awak baik sangat ! kita jumpa lagi nanti ya
 Wrapping kemas kemassss
 Me with Nisa, the Producer of Bella ntv7

InsyaAllah see you again.

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