Thursday, December 6, 2012


1.     FELT work – Donut motifs    
Instructor  - Norliza Samingon (Norli)

This crafter started out with felt as her media. Her work borders on art as she imitates the art of donuts by making realistic-looking, yummy donuts out of brown felt.

She stuffs them with polyester filling until firm. Then she sews various frosting –looking bits onto the ‘donut’. All done with a sewing needle, some felt and filling and lots imagination. Let your imagination go wild when ‘baking’ your donuts!

2.     BEADING – hair band 
Instructor :  Eva Ng

Beads can be used is various ways. In this workshop, Eva will guide participants to make 3-D flowers and attach them on a hairband for a functional hair accessory.

3.     RIBBON EMBROIDERY           
Instructor :  UmiKalsom

She is well-versed in embroidery and her website has attracted readers and buyers from all over the world. 

Her forte is ribbon embroidery that tries to realistically capture the essence of a bouquet of flowers

4.     MACRAME – bracelet
Instructor :  Namizam

Trained as a graphic designer, he uses crafts to expand his creativity.  Macrame is a retro craft, being popular in the 1960s but has been making a comeback in recent years.  It is a series of knots and is adaptable to make many decorative items such as a bracelet, belt, plant hanging and even hippie bags.

5.     FREE-STYLE WEAVING           
Instructor :   Ziton Ismail

Weaving can be traditional and functional but stretch the creativity and you get free-style weaving, just for the fun and art of it!

Start with a frame with evenly spaced nails all around. Next is to choose the string for the warp. Then choose strings you can weave in and out the warp to form a design of your choice. You can weave in any direction to create interesting formations.

Ziton is a certified craft trainer.

6.     WIRE JEWELRY – Herringbone technique
Instructor :  Mastura Mustaffa

Mastura honed her skills in wire-jewellery-making through practice, observation and experimentation. This form of jewellery making requires twisting lengths of wire in neat, repetitive loops. Then crystals or beads are added.

7.     SHIBORI – dyeing your tee-shirt     
Instructor :  Fatimah Chik  

Fatimah Chik is known as a batik artist, but prefers the term resist artist as she uses various techniques such as shibori, block stamping in wax in her art pieces.  An early graduate from ITM, she has more than 30 years experience in textile art and technology. She is currently teaching at MIA.

Shibori is not just a tie and dye technique. It is more precise work as one of the ways is pleating prior to dyeing,  to achieve symmetrical, repeated designs.

8.     LACE-MAKING - TATTING                 
Instructor :  Jon Yusoff

Tatting is a form of lace work made with knots using thread that are group together into rings or chains an interspersed with decorative picots.  The way the knots, or double stitches as there are also known as,  are shaped and joined together create the variety of lace be it edgings, doilies, snowflakes, medallions and many more.

Tatting has developed from the traditional flat designs to wearable designs such as jewelry  and ornaments like sun-catchers and balls and other accessories.  Tatting has also gone three-dimensional where many designers have come up with flowers on stalks and character figurines.
Instructor - Rafidah (Fid) Anum

Strips of t-shirt fabric (jersey) can be re-used as thick ‘yarn’ for finger crochet. You do not need a hook. Just use your fingers!

This is an eco-friendly way to recycle torn or spoiled t-shirts into other functional items such as rigs, bags, and even chunky bracelets.

When she is not crocheting or crafting, she is a scientists dealing with stem cells.
      Instructor – Zarina Zainal Abidin

An ardent crafter, she hand-dyes yarn in multi-colours for sale on

She is also a quilter and in this workshop, will be teaching the basics of quilting.  Participants will learn to properly join & stitch pieces or cloth and batting together to form a placement.

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