Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Bridal Bouquet || NEON || Fantasy Sakura

Assalamualikum.... Happy new year all... lets intai what the new trend for 2013... Yeahhhhh NEON LOVE!
Neon weddings are a fun summer theme for the cheerful couple. Dare to bring Fantasy Sakura on your wedding day? of course YES!!

For Nadhira Zainal 
Code : Code : Fantasy Sakura (Why Fantasy? because you may choose the color of your Sakura)
Price : From RM160 onward (depends on material and brooch)

*Seriously take time to done it, if you interested pls order at least 1 month before your big day..so I can do it with kasih sayang :)

Interested : email to sekocinorlie@gmail.com with below information;

Full Name:
Email ID:Address:
Type of HB you are interested with:
Theme Color:
Due Date HB should received: 

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