Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Flower Bridal Bouquet || For Nieta


I really existed with this package... it complete bridesmaids hand bouquet  bridal hand bouquet and also the buttonairs... Walla...

The embellishment I bought from oversea... lama gila nak siapkan... it not because of the technic but the "roh" yang tak sampai nak buat... hahah but I managed to finish it within a week Thank you for Nieta for this order... Last minutes action sometimes membuak2 idea kan... but it not good weh.... boleh tidur berdiri than :)

Code : Mekar Setaman (for flower girl)
Code: Vintage
Material : Felt + Satin Ribbon + Satin fabric + vintage embellishment

If interested to order, please provide below information and email to

Full Name:
Email ID:
Delivery Address:
Type of HB you are interested with:
Flower Color:
Material (Felt/Ribbon/Chiffon/Cotton etc):
Handle Color:
Due Date HB should received:

*Felt Hand bouquet
*Fabric Hand bouquet
*DIY Handbouquet

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