Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Felt Flower Bridal Bouquet || Oh!

Hola... today is my birthday and I really love Oh!! very much... it make my day!

Code : Oh!
Color : Choose your color
Material : Acryclic Felt 
Felt Flower Hand Bouquet / Bridal Bouquet

If interested to order, please provide below information and email to sekocinorlie@gmail.com:

Full Name:
Email ID:
Delivery Address:
Type of HB you are interested with: Oh!
Flower Color:
Material (Felt/Ribbon/Chiffon/Cotton etc): 
Handle Color:
Due Date HB should received:
Price: RM120 (price might be change based on material use)
Postage RM15

*Felt Handbouquet
*DIY Handbouquet


  1. today is ur birthday?? hehe...so, i wish u happy birthday. smoga dpnjangkan umur dlm kbaikan, dlmpahkan rezeki yg halal, tbah n sabar hdapi dgaan hidup, brjaya di dunia n di akhirat. may Allah swt bless u :)

    btw, flower bridal ni cntik! yg design sblum ni pon cntik! suka! :D

  2. Thank you Teterbang... cute nick name rasa nak terbang2 jek...

    InsyaAllah, aminnnnn moga dipermudahkan dan dimurahkan rezeki :)


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